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Meeting your lover for the first time
Friday, March 9, 2007
“Love is like a spice. It can sweeten your life – however, it can spoil it, too”. -Confucius
...this is so true unless you find the right person to shower your precious love. The prince charming or the dream girl whom you have been looking for through out your life finally meets you someday for the first time and you realize “oh! this is him” or “oh! she is the one”.What happens when you first meet your match?Gentle breeze starts flowing across you?rose petals start falling on you?soft romantic music starts playing by and you bump to him or her?Or more practically you meet a particular very nice person and start thinking about him or her more than anybody else and all the world around you seems so beautiful and you start falling in love.

Falling In Love... A cute way to express your feelings to your beloved/ sweetheart when you've fallen in love with him/ her.

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Simon Soloveychik once said that all the goodness in the world comes from love. And when you are in love it is your lover who shows you the way to all the good things of the universe. You feel you are on the cloud nine! Your heart goes on for that particular person and you start craving for only him or her when you have all your friends or family around. This is something which is beyond just mental tuning. Biological models tend to view love as a mammalian drive, much like hunger or thirst and chemically explaining, the attraction happens due to secretion of some hormones in our body.

Love At First Sight !
A cute way to let your sweetheart know that you've fallen for him/ her.

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But you don't recapitulate biology or complex chemistry when you meet the love of your life. Therefore what quintessentially matters is the compatibility between two of you. You may also be swept away by your lover's looks so much that you forget about talking. Your eyes meet with the others and the two pairs of eyes blocks the tongue completely. You say so much with eyes Again, your lover's fragrance, sense of humor, style etc are also very appealing for first time attraction.

A Lovely Blossom...
Express the feelings of your heart with this beautiful blooming rose.

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The attraction for the first time encourages you to fall in love. You tend to seek the qualities of a lover in the person. And this may not be essentially the love at first sight. You see him or her more and explore more and finally settle to fall in love. There is no rulebook that you can follow to fall in love after meeting your prospective lover but the only way you can choose an ideal match for you is- listen to your heart.

Happiness Always !
Send this message to your sweetheart and make him/ her feel special.

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