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Friday, March 9, 2007
Love is such a debatable topic itself and it is more dubious when you fall in love. Till now you must have read novels or seen movies where the beautiful Heroine falls head over heels in love with the macho Hero. Or you have been a patient listener to your best friend's innumerable love stories. And now, one fine day you see yourself joining the community of lovers. But how do you know that you are surely fallen in love?

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There is no expert opinion on this but people who are actually in love have opined from their life stories how did they make out when they fell in love.

1.The feeling of falling in love is like no other feeling you have ever experienced. You can't
stop thinking about the person; your heart skips a beat every time you see him or her and would do anything in the world for that person. You click on every level: hobbies, personality,likes-dislikes. Attraction is all that happens at first sight but you truly have to know a person to fall in love. with them. That is the difference between love and a crush. Chances are if you are infatuated with someone or have a crush on them you don't really know that person and the street is one way (you have feelings but they don't feel the same). True love is a two-way street - the other person feels the same way about you as you feel about them.

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2.You know You are in love when you feel like the one made for him or her and vice versa by God Himself. They're designed to be your other half (and of course the better one) and you questioned everything in your life that has every happened until the point you meet your lover and everything in your life changes. Your every sense is heightened as if you're intoxicated with this feeling of total bliss!

3.You know you're in love when there is no hesitation in expressing yourself to the lover. When you feel you can share anything and everything. When you are not anxious about making a commitment. Mostly, you don't feel the need to look around for greener pasture. You don't think that maybe the next man you meet may be better. You are willing to check this relationship out...see where it goes. A crush or an infatuation doesn't last long -- it's not satisfying and doesn't usually turn into a long-term relationship.

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4.Being in love is like an anchor of reason and romance living in balance. Unlike a crush or infatuation, love is comforting as it settles from the spiking highs and lows. Love is a condition of the heart and mind. Love is understanding the "why" behind your acceptance. It's hard to describe being in love; you simply know it when you feel it. While a crush is a romantic bliss state where the person does no wrong. Infatuation is where there is no care about the big picture and your enjoying the hot sensation of the moment like a fast-burning candle.

5.Finally you know you are in love with someone when you cannot control your feelings. When you cannot stop thinking about the person. If it is a crush or infatuation, then you know you can think of someone else and even plan a date with another for a later time. But, if you cannot do that and look forward to seeing your lover and put aside all others, you are in love.



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