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Kiss Day - Ideas To Have A Good Kiss Day
Monday, April 28, 2008
Hello friends! My last post contained some Kiss Day gift ideas. Kiss Day is here and if you guys have not been able to get yourself some gift worthy of your beloved, then it will be pretty tight for you! But, no worries, I can suggest some ways in which you can make her feel good yet.

Kiss Day is all about romantic getaways and spending a quiet time with your beloved. So don't hurry yourself into a last minute gift thats trash anyway. Rather take her out and indulge your partner with romance. Whatever you do must have a strong romantic flavor and the moments must be worth remembering. That does not mean you get all worked up and pay all your attention to the arrangement rather than to your beloved!

If you have to stay away, send across these Kiss Day cards and greetings with your romantic messages embedded. Have a nice time and good luck!

Sealed With A Kiss! Make your sweetheart feel special with this lovely ecard.

Hot And Sweet Kisses! Send a virtual kiss to your sweetheart, with this ecard.

Types Of Kisses! Baby kisses or the really long ones. You want them all. Why not say it with this ecard?

I Love You! Of course you love him/her. Say it again with this ecard.

First Kiss! You still remember that first kiss.

On My Lips! You want him/her right on your lips. Express your desire with this ecard.

When Kisses Feel Heavenly! Make your sweetheart feel special with this ecard.

Your Kisses... Tell your sweetheart how his/her kisses intoxicate your senses.

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Kiss Day - Top Ten Kiss Day Gifts
Friday, April 11, 2008
Hello Lovers! After Great Lovers Day, its time again to celebrate and bask in the feeling of love! Kiss Day is just a few blocks away and all you lovers must be longing for the day to come close fast, if you are looking for the most romantic way to say I Love You silently! That brings us to the problem of deciding on a suitable Kiss Day gift.

Here are Top Ten Kiss Day gifts that you can give to your love:
  1. A kiss itself
  2. Romantic cow bells.
  3. Dolphin show-pieces.
  4. Soothing, aromatic candles.
  5. Cute lamps.
  6. Metal sculptures that embody love's eternity.
  7. Mugs with romantic messages embedded round it.
  8. Night lights (soft, dim-hued ones).
  9. Photo albums
  10. Vases.
If you are away from your beloved this Kiss Day, click on these cards and send across your warm Kiss Day wishes and greetings.

Kiss Day Greetings, Kiss Day comments, kiss day ideas for gifts, kiss day gift ideas, top ten gift ideas, top ten gifts

Send Kiss Day eCard
More Kiss Day Comments

Kiss Day Greetings, Kiss Day comments, kiss day ideas for gifts, kiss day gift ideas, top ten gift ideas, top ten gifts

Send Kiss Day eCard
More Kiss Day Comments

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Great Lovers Cards - Romantic Thoughts
Wednesday, April 2, 2008
Hi friends! I'm back to you after a really long time! I must admit that I felt awful I could not connect with you on Valentine's Day. But whats done is done, lets look ahead! Another big event for lovers is here - Great Lovers Day! it encapsulates the flavor of Valentine's Day after a gap of about forty-five days. It brings back the good old times again!

Its again time to cut out a large chunk of your time and give it to your partner, who deserves the lion's share anyway! Go out on romantic escapades, visit those cozy corners of the city that you love and let the day and the spirit of it drown you . Float in the winds of love and discover a whole new world, a world that is full of you and your love. Click on these Great Lovers Day cards and reach out your romantic thoughts and kisses to your love today. Enjoy the day in feelings of eternal love.

How Much I Love You... A cute message for your sweetheart.

Priceless Love... A heartfelt note for your beloved.

Take My Breath Away! A romantic ecard to tell your sweetheart how happy he/she makes you feel.

Deep In Love... A cute ecard to tell your sweetheart that you love him/her a lot.

Love Beats... A love card for the love of your life.

Top Of The World! Make your beloved feel special with this lovely ecard.

Great Lovers! If you think you and your sweetheart make the best couple in town, then let your better half know the same with this romantic ecard.

Just For Us! Find a great lover in your sweetheart? Let him/her know how special he/she is with this trendy ecard.


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