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Monday, March 12, 2007
You cannot say “three little words” in front of her!Is this the problem with you? Believe me, This is the problem with most men. You definitely have the gift of gab but what you lack is a bit of confidence that drives you ahead, pushes you saying...'yes1 you can do it' .Nobody can hold your finger and take you to your heartthrob and teach you to propose. Like other chores here also the philosophy of “self-help is the best help” applies. But surely you can learn from your forerunners experience and gather some tips to help you to propose to your sweetheart and go ahead to make it an unforgettable day for both of you.

1 Forget rejection
Don't jam your thought process with the anticipation of rejection from her side. This may paralyze your confidence and end up in a “no” from her. Do your best to boost up your confidence and do not hesitate to speak your heart out to your princess.

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2.Be creative
The majority of men plan proposing only once in their lives, so make this a very special moment. Choose special place, song, or occasion that you will be memorable for the rest of your life. Plan every little detail, set a romantic tone or be silly and surprising,Proposing on a long drive is not a bad idea either. A perfect start to drive together on the road called 'Life'. But more importantly, have fun and keep it simple because the proposal story will be told over and over again.

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3.Be chivalrous
Who said chivalry was dead? Proposing down on one (say one knee) has been a tradition for many years and continues to thrive today. It has its roots in the days of knights and chivalry when it was the custom for a knight to bend down on one knee to show servitude to his lover. Be courteous and give her the best treatment a lady could ever have (but don't overdo it).She'll surely feel special and instantly fall for you.

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4 Be different
Be careful about not making yourself the stereotype lovers by serenading offtrack to your queen of hearts. Whatever you do right from writing a perfumed love letter,proposing her over the radio,proposing her on her birthday or just giving a bunch of red roses saying “i love you”,do it in your own style and don't imitate others,be it film or novels. Add a tinge of 'you' in what you do.

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After you propose, it’s a good idea to celebrate the moment when she has finally said yes. Most of us forget about celebration after the act is over. So Don't let the moment pass just like that. Get on your feet and plan for a superb bash, shower her with gifts .This can be done with a bottle of champagne, over a romantic dinner, red roses, or anything that both of you might thoroughly enjoy.


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