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Special Gifts for your Special Ones
Monday, March 12, 2007
When you fall in love you feel you are on the top of the world and more so when your lover gives you the most unique gift you have ever heard of. You feel special among friends and family when you actually boast off about the presents your lover gets you. Here are few special and one-of-a-kind of romantic items that will perfectly complement with your lovers unique persona.

1.Romantic Message in a bottle.

When you are in love, don't keep your feelings bottled up Proclaim your love to your lover in the vintage way. Take an empty champagne bottle,write your deepest desires on a piece of paper and put it inside the empty bottle. Now you can wrap it and present it to your sweetheart.

Message In A Bottle !
Send this special message your sweetheart/ spouse's way when you both are not together and make him/ her feel special.

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2.When We First Met Personalized Book.

Show your sweetheart you're glad that you met in this wide world with a book keeping the records of the the days you dated and exchanged thoughts,hugs and kisses. What you did and how you together enjoyed each passing day of the first year you met. It's a memorable and romantic gift you will cherish forever.

A Romantic Gift !
A cute, fun gift, stuffed with all your love for your sweetheart/ boyfriend/ girlfriend/ first crush/ loved one.

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3.Daily Reminders of My Love.

Make your loved one love you and miss you more everyday by gifting a jar that contains 365 short messages of love. Each day, for a year, they can be reminded of the love that you share. To make it, take a decorative jar and fill it with 365 messages written in colorful bits of paper. Show your loved one how much you care daily and also lifelong.

A Box Fulla Love ! A beautiful, elegant ecard for your sweetheart/ spouse/ boyfriend/ girlfriend.

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4. Key To My Heart Vault.

Do you know the combination code to your loved ones heart? If not then give it a shot. Make or buy a small steel safe with a combination lock. Keep a key inside, lock the safe and gift it to your lover and let your lover guess the code to get the key to your heart. This will be the best way to reach the lover's heart!

A Special Charm... A beautiful jewelry for your beloved to say how precious he/ she is for you.

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5.12 Photo-Personalized Calendar.

Choose your favorite 12 photographs from your own personal albums where you can catch both of you in different moods. If you like then go for a photo session for this and capture the moments of joy in togetherness. and l create a unique calender for your special one. You will be delighted all year long, as each month will feature a different photo of your lovely moments..



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