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What Men want in his Lover
Wednesday, March 14, 2007
Do you understand your man? Have you ever tried to look into his eyes and know what he exactly feels?.If you have then what is it that he wants from you? What is their in your handsome hunk's mind that you wish you'd know and act accordingly! Actually, it’s pretty simple. Men are not as full of mysteries as women are. So you need not be a rocket scientist to know your man.

He wants to be trusted

He can ramble about commitment at the beginning but deep inside the heart of every man there's a secret wish to be trusted by their girlfriends and wives. Many men wonder why it seems so difficult for their ladies to trust their men completely. Therefore show you trust him until you discover a lipstick stain on his shirt.

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He wants prestige

They want a woman who gets her a second look from a stranger and thumbs up from their buddies when she leaves the table to use the washroom. They would do anything for such a gal. So put a positive effort towards your looks when you go out with him. This satisfies his male ego which is more brittle than crystal.

He wants security

Men want security. They desire the one they love to want to be only them. Believe it or not, here they are just like a woman who thinks she's stole the moon among thousand stars from the sky. Remember, there is nothing worse than a woman who makes comments that are incisive to his ego. Basic areas of ego damaging comments are physical stature, sex, power, importance.

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He wants to serve you

Men love to cater to their darlings' need. Right from a good house to car to shopping ...they want to get their gals the best that they can. In short he wants to be your superman. He would love to cook for you if you allow him to mess around with your kitchen. So let him serve you and get you the moon on the earth!

He wants to share

He wants to share creativity, intellect, spirit, ambition and more than all these he wants to share responsibilities Once you are married you would better know this. Men are fidgety about taking responsibilities. They run away from the burden. What they cannot say is they are ready to share. So before they utter, share the burden with them and have a smooth go in your relationship.

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He wants love

Last but not the least your man is hungry for your love. Arrange little surprises to show that you love and care for him. Call him up in the middle of an important meeting and just say”i love You” and hang up. They say that Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction. Your man is your baby,so cuddle and scold both.


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