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Why Does Love Fail
Thursday, March 15, 2007
Most times I tried to wonder why people say love fails, why do people believe that love is just an ordinary thing?

Take it or leave it, LOVE does not fail.

L- Life without me is meaningless
O- Obey me and enjoy your life
V- Vamoose fear, hatred and doubt
E- Exercise patience and trust

If you understand the full meaning of love above, then you’ll know why I believe that love cannot fail.

Love will not fail you if you don’t fail love. Love has been in existence since the creation of the world, but you know what happened? Man failed love, so it’s a thing that will continue to happen till the time nobody knows.

Now let me realistic there are two very strong things in life i.e. Love and Life itself but Love happens to be the greatest of the two.

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Love has to do with your heart, cause REAL love comes from the heart.

The simple answer as to why people fall in LOVE is that;
1. Love is not a thing that you can control
2. Love is a must in human life i.e. something that you can’t do without

There are many other points as to why people fall in love but of all my findings and research work on why people fall in love I have come to realize that the two major points are what we have above.

So why do you think love should fail when it is not a thing you can control and it is also a must in human life.

Lovers in this new generation that we are having refused to put the LOVE into practice, they only say I Love You with mouth and not by heart.

Real love is no where to be found and that is why we believe in Divorce. Although I’m not condemning anybody here but I’m kind of been realistic, it is due to the fact that there is no Real Love among us that is why we have the number of Divorce increasing everyday in most of our developed country.

We have failed love and we are still failing love, yet we are complaining that love is failing us. Let me ask you Mr. Boxer; is it Love that told you to beat your wife?

Mrs. Anger, is it love that told you to get mad with your husband over little thing and decided to divorce him just because in your country Women are given some priority?

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I want to suggest that we should look at the way the last sets of generation practiced love and they were successful, lets forget the fact that we are advanced, lets do things right now once and for all.

Guest Blogger :Fred Opeyemi Olugunojin

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posted by Linda Ringwood @ 2:14 AM  
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