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Thursday, March 15, 2007
Has the world's best thing happened to you? The four letter word...LOVE? How do you know that it is love or something else? Here are certain signs of love. See and make sure if any of them matches with your situation...and enjoy the ultimate bliss of love!

A beautiful thought...

Love is a thought of beauty which creates an inner feeling to match and happiness from within..

A feeling that makes your stomach tingle...

If your away from the person and all you can think about is him/her and when you do think of them you get a good fuzzy feeling in your stomach.

A feeling of freedom...
I believe love is when you can say anything, no nervousness, no hesitation. You feel free to say your mind. Love is when you feel free to accept someone completely into your heart and cant get out of your mind,

A sensation...

Love is when you think about them whenever your awake, when you are not with them you wait for them to text you or call you up. You want to keep in touch with them always even in the loo.


You love a person when their flaws are as beautiful to you as everything else about them. These imperfections that would be annoying to some, but they make you laugh and love them even more.

Finding goodness
When you are in love you find goodness in everything the other person does. You keep on staring at your date on the dinner when the hot-bod passes by your table.

The Light Of Joy...
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Being There - Being Trustworthy
One of the most important parts of love is holding the trust of your lover. If you´re stuck in the rain and your partner goes out of his way to come and get you, that is what love is all about. If you two wanted to go out to dinner but you´re stuck home with the kids, your partner will grab some pizza and make it a fun night in. Love is about fully trusting your partner, and being able to rely on him or her. If your partner isn´t there for the small things in life, this does not bode well for any larger issues which might come along. It´s how your partner deals with the rough spots that really counts - anybody can be an angel in paradise.


Love is when just the mere thought of him or her makes you smile, your whole body gets hit with a wave of warm fuzzes head to toe and your breath gets swept away.....

Brings you up when your down
He or she always finds a way to cheer you up when you are down. He replaces your tears with laughs and smiles. You cannot describe how much he or she means to you for being the only person who can do that the way that he does and would be glad to do the same back.

Can't say no
Love is when you just can't say no to what they want you to do, just no matter how hard you try, you can't say no, you always want to do what they want to do and appreciate immensely.

Constantly on your Mind
You cant stop thinking about them, you dream about them, when they enter the room you feel happy and comforted, when they leave you feel it deeply and miss them, you are fascinated by them, you constantly analyze everything they say to see if they feel the same way back,

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To truly love is to accept another as they are--to know a person deeply, with genuine concern for their welfare, without feeling the need to change him or her. It means giving of yourself out of the desire to bless another, not hoping for reciprocation. When we truly love, we don´t merely tolerate someone else´s differences, we celebrate them. We take the other fully into our heart and create a sacred shrine for him or her there, paying the due honor and respect of royalty.

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A feeling of family
when you would die for that person and when they feel like a part of your own family.

Feeling Comfortable
When you like someone, you´re nervous about saying the right thing, or how they´ll react to something, or how things will go on the next date. When you love someone, you are content and comfortable just being with your partner. Whether you curl up side by side with books on a rainy evening, or spend hours over dinner in a local restaurant, it´s nice just to spend time with each other.

More Than Words
Many people have trouble saying "I love you". Others say it easily without meaning it at all. Don´t depend on words to know if your partner really loves you. While for one person it might be a once-in-a-lifetime statement that you need to wait a while to hear, with another person it might be a flippant comment they make to everyone who passes by. Watch the actions of your partner, and judge by those. Does he pay attention to you, and try to make you happy? Does she smile when she sees you, and make sure you are an important part of her life? Those sorts of things are far more important than any words could ever be. It is far more important to FEEL loved than to hear those words.

Overwhelming feeling of adoration
I believe a sign of love is when you can look at your partner when there talking or doing something and all of a sudden your filled with a feeling of adoration. This feeling makes you want to just hug your partner really tight or kiss them. You have a sudden realization on how much they mean to you, and you smile inside of yourself. Its accepting all of there quirks and faults, and even loving them about that person.



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